Learning CW – thoughts about the current status

My journey into CW has been interrupted several times and I am finally back to the daily 15 min training using the Koch method.

It is a slow process and I have to admit that I cannot say its easy or straight forward – not at all. Even I have set the training software to 20 wpm I still have the tendency to think in dots and dashes not in sound for the letters and numbers. Anyway I stick with it and we will see how long it will take to reach the first step of the journey – a basic QSO.

A few years back I purchased two Hendricks kits. One an antenna tuner for QRP and the Hendricks PFR-3a QRP rig (CW only, 3 bands). The tuner kit was supposed to be simple and I used it as a training piece before tackling the QRP rig assembly. Lucky I did because I killed the tuner in the assembly process – I am just awful with soldering and the tuner kit is the living proof.

So the Hendricks QRP kit ended up not being built. Recently I had a conversation with Chris (K6CMG) about CW and lighter SOTA rigs – well to make a long story short he offered to build the Hendricks PFR-3a. The kit was finished last week and I could test it and even managed to tune an antenna on 40m (tuning with that radio is not that simple) – thanks Chris you did a terrific job.

This radio is CW only as I mentioned before and perfect for SOTA from the weight and dimensions. So one more reason to go into CW and learn it.

DSC_7223Hendricks PFR-3A assembled by K6CMG




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