SOTA Activation of Strawberry Peak, CA – W6/CT-018 on July 11, 2014

Strawberry Peak Hike 071114Hike to Strawberry Peak

The activation of Strawberry Peak W6/CT-018 brought some surprises. First surprise was a navigational error by missing the turn to the summit and instead moving towards the Strawberry Meadows. The second surprise was not a real surprise but the consequence of the unintentional deviation from the hike to the summit which changed the schedule and moved the activation into the mid-morning and afternoon heat I wanted to avoid. The hike started at the Red Box parking area right at the Mount Wilson intersection from Los Angeles Crest Highway.

After finally arriving at the summit it turned out that Mike (N6MKW) was also activating Strawberry Peak that day. It was nice to meet another activator in person whom I only knew from SOTA QSO’s before.

The final approach to Strawberry Peak is quite steep and not recommended in the summer heat.

Elevation Strawberry Peak

Elevation profile to the summit

IMG_2472Morning Mist


Along the trail


Fire damage


Trail to Strawberry Meadows


Beautiful scenery along the involuntarily deviation to Strawberry Meadows


Trail to Strawberry Peak summit


View towards Los Angeles from the summit trail


Summit activator operating


Antenna setup


View from the summit


Blooming Yucca

Strawberry Peak

Satellite view of the hike

The activation was my first try operating QRP only and the mediocre band conditions made it a real challenge. Thanks to all the chasers and the help by spotting me on the net. I made it a short activation due to the delay and the extreme heat on the summit.

Date:11/Jul/2014  Summit:W6/CT-018 (Strawberry Peak)  Call Used:WN6E

Time Call Band Mode Notes
17:47z KG6HQD 144MHz FM 146.52 MHz
17:48z KW6ACK 144MHz FM
17:50z KB6CIO 144MHz FM Thanks for the spots
17:56z KK6HRS 144MHz FM
18:15z W6BUX 14MHz SSB 14,285.00 MHz
18:16z WA9STI 14MHz SSB
18:17z KW6ACK 14MHz SSB
18:43z KN6CCW 144MHz FM 146.52 MHz
18:46z N0OI 144MHz FM
19:19z WB7ENX 14MHz SSB 14,320.00 MHz