SOTA activations of Blaettersberg DM/RP-312 and Treutelsberg DM/RP-319 – April 21, 2014

Due to the fact that I had to extend my stay in Germany and the Easter weekend I decided to activate two summits in Rhineland-Palatinate. A nice and very scenic “Bundesland” province. Lots of castles, wine yards, forests and ancient history from the the Stoneage, Romans and medieval knights until today.

Blaettersberg DM/RP-312 was the first summit in the morning. The trailhead starts right in the wine yards just outside the village of Weyher.

ImageBlaettersberg trailhead right in the wine yards


Blaettersberg hike

The hike is steep extremely steep and leads from the village to a forest inn (which was closed – too bad), a para glider start ramp to the summit which surprises the hiker with an old tower right on the top.

ImageTrail marker

IMG_2170“Schweizerhaus”  forest inn

Unfortunately the forest inn along the trail is closed and some locals told us that it is unlikely to open soon, they cannot find volunteers to run it for the hiking club during the summer and spring. Too bad a beer would have been a good idea on the way down.


IMG_2166Old quarry with some inscriptions dating back to 1872

IMG_2182 (1)Trail marker to the summit

IMG_2183Old tower (Ludwigsturm) right on the summit

IMG_2189Operating from the summit

IMG_2188Antenna setup

IMG_2194View from the tower

The activation was kind of difficult, antenna problems and interference with other SOTA activations left only the 20m band to operate. It was a “Spanish” activation all chasers with one exception were from Spain or mobile in Spain – one contact was to the UK.  A sunny but cool morning with nice QSOs to sunny Spain.

I closed down early, climbed the tower and hiked back to the parking lot moving on to Treutelsberg.

TreutelsbergTreutelsberg hike

Arriving at the trailhead to Treutelsberg DM/RP-319 (which has a summit tower too, called Martinsturm) I first had lunch at the old castle and fortress called “Burg Landeck” here are more castles and fortresses than inhabitants.

IMG_2243 (1)Burg Landeck – great restaurant inside  and  a nice lunch

IMG_2198 (1)Trail to the summit

IMG_2200 (1)Trail marker

IMG_2205 (1)Old village from the trail

IMG_2212 (1)Summit tower (Martinsturm)

IMG_2215 (1)Summit marker from 1839

IMG_2218 (1)Tower from the summit marker

IMG_2222 (1)Operating site

IMG_2220 (1)  Castle  in view right from the operating site

IMG_2227 (1)More castles

IMG_2230 (1)View from the tower

IMG_2240 (1)Geocache site on the way back (well another old ruin of a castle)

The Treutelsberg activation I would call the “castle activation” you virtually walk through the Middle Ages and history. Both summits are absolutely great hikes and the operating was a lot of fun.

Thanks to all the chasers for the QSOs !

Date:21/Apr/2014  Summit:DM/RP-312 (Blättersberg)  Call Used:DB8SM
Time Call Band Mode Notes
09:50z EB2JU 14MHz SSB 14.285 MHz
09:55z EA2LU 14MHz SSB 14.288 MHz
09:56z EA2DT 14MHz SSB
09:57z G0RQL 14MHz SSB
09:58z EALMI 14MHz SSB
10:04z EA/DL2MHW 14MHz SSB 14.270 MHz mobile from the higway near Almeria, Spain
Date:21/Apr/2014  Summit:DM/RP-319 (Trautelsberg)  Call Used:DB8SM
Time Call Band Mode Notes
14:04z ON6ZQ 7MHz SSB 7.118 MHz
14:06z OE6KAE 7MHz SSB
14:07z DF5WA 7MHz SSB
14:08z HB9MKV 7MHz SSB
14:08z HB9CEX 7MHz SSB
14:08z OM1AX 7MHz SSB
14:08z DK8PX 7MHz SSB
14:08z DL1NKS 7MHz SSB
14:09z IN3NJB 7MHz SSB
14:10z OK1KT 7MHz SSB
14:11z DL2DXA 7MHz SSB
14:12z OK1SDE 7MHz SSB
14:12z SP9AMH 7MHz SSB
14:13z PA0WLB 7MHz SSB
14:15z F8FEO 7MHz SSB
14:17z DL3SBA 7MHz SSB
14:18z DL5PV 7MHz SSB
14:34z F4FWO 14MHz SSB 14.275 MHz
14:35z EA2DT 14MHz SSB
14:36z EB2CZF 14MHz SSB
14:37z EB2JU 14MHz SSB
14:40z OH9XX 14MHz SSB
14:41z EA2DZX 14MHz SSB
14:52z SV2MAP 24MHz SSB 24.965 MHz

See you on the next summit

73, WN6E