SOTA Activation of Mauzenberg – DM/BW-385, April 13, 2014

This SOTA activation in DL-land (Germany) was my first SOTA as activator in Europe.

The fact that a work trip brought me to Germany made it easier and gave me some time to plan in advance. Nevertheless it was a challenge to find some time to do the actual activation and in the course of the planning and preparation  get the license requirements for Germany checked out. The licensing alone gives enough material for a blog post of its own. Here just the end result of my licensing adventure with the “Bundesnetzagentur” (German FCC) I got the German callsign DB8SM issued.

By the way it was a pleasant licensing adventure and they were very helpful to get me on the air.


Mauzenberg 02

The Mauzenberg is located above the village of Bernbach approx. 31 km from the Rhine valley via Karlsruhe, Ettlingen and Bad Herrenalb. The hike is on forest roads and nice trails to the summit which is just a few meters from the old border line between Baden and Wuerrtemberg. Nowadays the two are one province but the border markers are still in place.


  Trailhead information


Hiking along a forest road


Bernbach from the trail


New and old (very old) trail marker


Wild cherry blossoms


Along the trail


Border marker at the summit (Wuerrtemberg side)


Border marker at the summit (Baden side)


Border marker from the summit operation site


Antenna setup – forgot my painters pole so a tree did the job for the dipole


Operating from Mauzenberg


On the trail back after the summit


The “Mauzenstein” used for astronomical predictions and worship by the ancients


Sign explaining the former purpose of the “Mauzenstein”


Back at the trailhead

A great hike, nice weather and a good SOTA activation.

Thanks to all the contacts for the QSOs:

Date:13/Apr/2014  –  Summit:DM/BW-385 (Mauzenberg)  – Call Used:DB8SM
Time Call Band Mode Notes
11:08z DF0TM 7MHz SSB 7.117 MHz – IOTA contact Fehmarn Island EU-128
11:22z F6FTB 7MHz SSB 7.114 MHz
11:22z OE7PHI 7MHz SSB
11:23z DL3HXX 7MHz SSB
11:24z DL3JPN 7MHz SSB
11:25z OE7HRI 7MHz SSB
11:27z DL1NKS 7MHz SSB
11:27z HB9CMI 7MHz SSB
11:28z OE7FMH 7MHz SSB
11:29z EA2CZF 7MHz SSB
11:29z DL8UVG 7MHz SSB
11:29z DJ5AV 7MHz SSB
11:29z PB2T 7MHz SSB
11:30z PA3YG 7MHz SSB
11:31z OE6WIG 7MHz SSB
11:33z HB9AGH 7MHz SSB
11:33z DL1HTT 7MHz SSB
11:34z OK1SDE 7MHz SSB
11:34z PA0SKP 7MHz SSB
11:36z OE7HPI 7MHz SSB
11:37z DL2KAS 7MHz SSB
11:37z DJ2AY 7MHz SSB
11:38z S52Q 7MHz SSB
11:38z DF8KY 7MHz SSB
11:39z S56IHX 7MHz SSB


from DB8SM
WN6E (Martin)