SOTA Activation of Stonewall Peak – W6/SC-029, March 25, 2014

Stonewall Peak is a nice and very scenic hike. The trailhead to the summit starts across the street from the parking area at the Paso Picacho picnic area and campground.


On the way from Orange county we got caught in the San Diego morning rush hour and crawled along the freeways towards the Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.

The hike to the summit offers great views of Lake Cuyamaca and the surrounding valleys and peaks. The trail switchbacks to the peak with a great summit area as a reward.


Trail starts opposite the picnic area


Local wildlife ?


Trail with Stonewall Peak


View of Lake Cuyamaca


On the trail


Close to the summit


 Stonewall Peak summit


 View from summit


Final approach to the peak


Antenna setup


Operating site


Encountered wildlife

During the activation I had technical problems with the audio and antenna setup and had to share  Bob’s (KB6CIO) radio for my last contacts. The highlight was a DX contact with French Polynesia (Tahiti) from the summit with 5W QRP and the San Andres Islands in the Caribbean.

QSOs from Stonewall Peak:

Date:25/Feb/2014   Summit:W6/SC-029 (Stonewall Peak)

Time Call Band Mode Notes
19:00z W0MNA 14MHz SSB 14.347 MHz
19:01z W0ERI 14MHz SSB
19:09z NS7P 14MHz SSB
19:12z KD7WRM 14MHz SSB
19:13z WB5USB 14MHz SSB
19:14z W7CNL 14MHz SSB
19:15z K6EL 14MHz SSB
19:16z AE9F 14MHz SSB
19:16z K7JQV 14MHz SSB
19:17z N7WM 14MHz SSB
20:13z HK0/UA4WHX 21MHz SSB 21.290 MHz DX – San Andres Islands
20:16z FO4BM 28MHz SSB 28.520 MHz – DX French Polynesia

Thank you to all chasers see you on the next summit.


Martin (WN6E)


3 thoughts on “SOTA Activation of Stonewall Peak – W6/SC-029, March 25, 2014

  1. I would have loved to transmit from Stonewall. Maybe I will when I return to 6 land.
    It looks much different with all the dead trees. Sure am glad my son and I were able to hike it few times before the fires.

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