SOTA Activation of Frankish Peak – W6/CT-151, March 21, 2014

Frankish Peak was on my wish list for an activation for a long time. It poses several challenges a relatively remote location even it is close to Upland and San Antonio Heights, CA. The access through the Cucamonga Valley is not possible at the moment, so the only two options are the direct uphill approach from North Mountain Ave. in San Antonio Heights or via the Barrett Stoddard Truck Trail off the Mount Baldy Rd. which is a substantially longer hike.

So I choose the route starting from North Mountain Ave. It is an extreme steep approach and at some points climbing is required (between the marker Tough Ridge and Start of Tough Ridge as shown on the attached trail recording).


The hike is a constant steep uphill with only few breaks from steep inclinations. A good workout is guaranteed and you basically have to follow animal trails and do bushwhacking up to the summit. The only exception from bushwhacking is on some short stretches of fire road.

Between the two marked locations “Tough Ridge” the ridge trail has nearly vertical cliffs on both sides and some climbing is required.


Trailhead on left side of yellow gate


Uphill you go

During the whole hike and activation I was in the clouds with only a few sunny breaks.


Morning clouds


Along the trail


More along the trail


Approaching “Tough Ridge” climbing section in the clouds


Above the clouds




Antenna setup


Operating site


On the way down

Thank you very much to all the contacts and especially Bob (KB6CIO) who spotted me during the activation.

Contacts from the summit:

Date: 21/Mar/2014    Summit:W6/CT-151 (Frankish Peak)

Time Call Band Mode Notes
16:20z N6CCW 144MHz FM
16:22z KK6EHQ 144MHz FM
16:53z KC7DM 14MHz SSB 14.347 MHz
16:58z AE5QB 14MHz SSB
16:59z KA5PVB 14MHz SSB
16:59z NS7P 14MHz SSB
17:00z KF7JQV 14MHz SSB
17:01z WB5USB 14MHz SSB
17:02z W7CNL 14MHz SSB
17:04z K0YO 14MHz SSB
17:05z K7NEW 14MHz SSB
17:11z KB6CIO 144MHz FM
17:18z W4MPS 24MHz SSB 24.965 MHz
17:19z EA2LU 24MHz SSB DX Spain
17:20z W0MNA/M 24MHz SSB
17:21z W0ERI/M 24MHz SSB
17:24z WI2W 24MHz SSB
17:35z G4OBK 24MHz SSB DX England
17:36z AA7DK 7MHz SSB 7.190 MHz
17:38z N7AMA 7MHz SSB
17:44z SV2CXI 24MHz SSB DX Greece, 24.973 MHz
18:04z N0EVH 21MHz SSB 21.330 MHz

Thanks for the QSOs 73 and see you on the next summit,


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