SOTA Activation of San Gabriel Peak – W6/CT-019, March 17, 2014

San Gabriel Peak was the summit for today’s activation and it turned out to be a gorgeous hike with absolute splendid sights. Due to severe traffic on the Los Angeles freeways the activation schedule (even there is no strict schedule, sometimes its more wishful thinking than reality, traffic, trail conditions, technical problems, weather etc.) became obsolete and we arrived on the summit much later than anticipated.


Trailhead off Mount Wilson Road

The hike to the summit is absolutely worth the effort and even if you are not into SOTA activations its highly recommended.


Inside Mueller Tunnel on the way to the summit


On the trail


Still on the trail


Mount Disapointment from the trail


View from the summit


Set up procedure


Summit marker

During the set up operation I realized that I forgot my coax cable – wow end of operation before it even started? Lucky that Bob (KB6CIO) had a spare coax which I could use so the activation could proceed. Propagation was not really good and our late start didn’t improve the situation. Nevertheless thanks to the SOTA chasers we made some nice contacts and had a great time on the summit.

Thank you to all the chasers and contacts:

Date: 17/Mar/2014  Summit:W6/CT-019 (San Gabriel Peak)

Time Call Band Mode Notes
18:34z K6CMG 144MHz FM
18:42z W7CNL 14MHz SSB 14,347 MHz
18:42z W0MNA 14MHz SSB
18:43z W0ERI 14MHz SSB
18:46z K9ZMD 14MHz SSB
18:47z KA5PVB 14MHz SSB
18:49z AJ5C 14MHz SSB
18:56z NS7P 14MHz SSB
19:00z KN6CCW 144MHz FM
19:06z K6TUY 24MHz SSB 24,980 MHz
19:40z W1AW/8 24MHz SSB 24,560 MHz
19:46z N4EX 24MHz SSB 24,980 MHz
19:47z W0MNA 24MHz SSB
19:48z WI2W 24MHz SSB

73 and see you on the next summit,

WN6E – Martin

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