SOTA Activation of Niguel Hill, CA – W6/SC-371, March 10, 2014

The activation of Niguel Hill together with K6KWI (Neil) and KB6CIO (Bob) made it necessary that we split the bands we would be using for the activation.

So I choose the 12m band and used it during the activation this morning. The summit is easy to find just drive until the end of Talavera Drive in Laguna Niguel, CA and use the trail close to the entrance of the summit community. There is plenty of shade and nice picknic tables to set up your operation.

The views from the summit are just gorgeous with the Pacific Ocean to the West and snow-covered mountains towards the East.

IMG_1881Operating site

IMG_1882Dipole and the Pacific Ocean

IMG_1890Sailing or radio? Tough question on such a great day

IMG_1887Inland view with snow-covered peaks

The band conditions were excellent and allowed for some interesting DX from Niguel Hill.

Thanks for the QSO to all stations and 73, WN6E :

Date:10/Mar/2014  Summit:W6/SC-371 (Niguel Hill):

Time Call Band Mode Notes
16:08z W0MNA 24MHz SSB 24,960 MHz
16:10z RA4CC 24MHz SSB 24,985 MHz – DX European Russia
16:17z K7NEW 24MHz SSB 24,755 MHz
16:24z K6KWI 21MHz SSB 21,285 MHz
16:27z NA6MG 24MHz SSB 24,957 MHz – S2S W6/CT-230 San Juan Hill
16:59z AD5A 24MHz SSB 24,980 MHz
16:59z AE4FZ 24MHz SSB
17:00z K0LAF 24MHz SSB
17:01z OH9XX 24MHz SSB DX Finland
17:03z KF4MH 24MHz SSB
17:04z DJ5AV 24MHz SSB DX Germany
17:04z HB9MKV 24MHz SSB DX Switzerland
17:04z N7UN 24MHz SSB
17:34z HA5AGS 24MHz SSB 24,9305 MHz – DX Hungary
17:46z IK5ZWU 24MHz SSB 24,940 MHz – DX Italy

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