SOTA Activation of San Juan Hill, CA – W6/CT-230, Feb. 25, 2014

The SOTA activation of San Juan Hill near Yorba Linda, CA together with Bob (KB6CIO) was quite a challenge with  a nice hike and some technical problems.

San Juan Hill SOTA

Route to summit

IMG_1801 (1)Trail head

 From the trail head to San Juan Hill it is a 2.8 miles long hike along the South Ridge trail of Carbon Canyon Regional Park. The exact location of the trailhead is described in Bob’s blog (

The hike started in rather dense fog which only dissolved after setting up on San Juan Hill. The howling coyotes along the path, hidden by the fog, ensured quite a gloomy scenario.

IMG_1810Fog and howling coyotes

IMG_1819 (1)Summit trail

20140225_090703 (1)Equipment setup

IMG_1822 (1)Summit marker

IMG_1824 (1)Dipole on the summit

IMG_1827Operating site

 After setting up and checking the equipment my antenna tuner started to behave erratically. So we had to make some checks to track the problem. After some tinkering it was clear the tuner has a problem tuning the 20m band. So a switch to 12m, 15m and finally 10m band was required.

Nevertheless I made some very nice contacts, my final contact was on 10m with the Canary Islands (Spain). Thanks to all the contacts, chasers and Dan (NA6MG) for a “Summit to Summit “contact.

IMG_1814Along the trail

 The sun finally dispersed the fog and we spent quite some time on the summit before we called it a day and made it back to the trailhead.

Contacts on San Juan Hill:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
17:05z NA6MG 14MHz SSB 14,347 MHz
17:20z NS7P 14MHz SSB
17:25z KF7JQV 14MHz SSB
17:25z W0MNA 14MHz SSB
17:26z W0ERI 14MHz SSB
17:29z KA5PVB 14MHz SSB
17:30z K6TUY 14MHz SSB
18:11z W1AW/8 24MHz SSB 24,950 MHz
18:52z N7UN 24MHz SSB 24,980 MHz – QRP
18:53z N4MJ 24MHz SSB QRP
18:55z AE4FZ 24MHz SSB QRP
18:55z N4EX 24MHz SSB QRP
18:58z W0MNA 24MHz SSB QRP
18:58z W0ERI 24MHz SSB QRP
19:03z AI0Q 24MHz SSB QRP – North Dakota
19:04z WD7I 24MHz SSB QRP
19:07z WB8EKG 24MHz SSB QRP
19:09z W5WN 24MHz SSB QRP
19:09z KB1RJC 24MHz SSB QRP
19:11z N0EVH 24MHz SSB QRP
19:12z KW5HP 24MHz SSB QRP
19:27z W1AW/8 21MHz SSB 21,310 MHz
19:55z EA4YB 28MHz SSB 28,526 MHz, Spain Canary Islands

73,  see you on the next summit


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