SOTA Activation of Mt. Islip, CA – W6/CT-010, Feb. 22, 2014

At 4:00am this morning I started the “SOTA activation of  Mt. Islip”.

Why Mt. Islip ? Well most of the time I check out hiking posts, SOTA blogs and any picture of the mountain in question that I can find.  After reviewing whatever the Internet, books, posts and my research reveal, I take my pick and tackle the summit.

I drove to Wrightwood and then to the Los Angeles Crest Highway. Parking is at the everywhere described mile marker (66.37) along No. 2  from there I made it up to Windy Gap.

Windy Gap is an intersection of the Pacific Crest Trail and the trail to Mt. Islip. Going up to Windy Gap this direct route from the highway is quite steep, but it wakes you up at around 6:15am.

The summit trail offers spectacular views and some very nice photo opportunities. A great hike to Mt. Islip well worth it.


Trail head to Windy Gap and early morning moon


Morning on the trail


Summit trail


On the trail


Close to the summit


Former summit house


Operating site

After setting up the equipment and getting spotted by Bob (KB6CIO) – the operating part was a real problem. For unknown reasons (I have to find out what’s wrong in detail) my antenna tuner decided not to tune the antenna. Whatever I checked, changed or modified didn’t work. I could hear chasers, DX and the 20m and 12m band was nearly noise free and open, but no tuning no effective getting out, especially with a non-resonant end feed wire antenna. Anyway I made several contacts on FM and HF and decided to enjoy the view, the hike and to worry about the tuning problems off the summit.

Contacts from the summit:

Time Call Band Mode
16:30z W7CNL 14MHz SSB 14,340 MHz
16:40z NS7P 14MHz SSB
16:43z KB6CIO 14MHz SSB
16:56z K6CAW 144MHz FM 146.520 MHz
17:14z N6TC 144MHz FM
17:16z N6JZT 144MHz FM

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