The journey into CW

Today I will start my journey into CW or morse code. As a matter of fact I have started a few weeks ago by listening using the Koch method, but did not do this on a regular basis.

So I decided to become more serious and start today using Koch software programs on an Android tablet and my computer. Monitoring my progress and welcoming the unavoidable setbacks. Let’s face it my previous attempts to go into CW failed, but as an avid SOTA (Summits on the Air) activator and chaser I came to the conclusion that in order to reduce equipment and weight especially on long hikes, CW can’t be completely neglected. Besides I have a CW¬†paddle key around the shack I may as well use it.


So the journey starts……….

On the Air

This post starts my blog about my “Adventures on the Air”.

Of course there remains the question how you define adventures – in this case it is quite simple, or it appears to be.  Adventures are the things related to amateur radio encountered during my free time while being on the air, building equipment (mostly antennas), hiking on summits and bringing my radio along and last but not least attempting to restore my ability to use CW as an alternative to phone and digital modes. There will be also critical aspects to amateur radio, topics which are not really adventures, but more unpleasant encounters and experiences.

So having said that let’s start the journey, which isn’t all that easy to be honest for me, being completely new to blogging.